White House calls conservative GOP group’s budget proposal a ‘five-alarm fire’

The White House on Monday called the House Liberty Committee’s budget proposal “five alarms,” ​​arguing that budget cuts would endanger the safety of the American people. In a statement, the White House called the conservative Republican group “an extreme MAGA Republican House Liberal caucus” and said their proposal would be “a disaster for families in […]

Biden once again targets fossil fuel benefits in budget proposal

After a year of disputes between his administration and the industry, President Biden is targeting government subsidies to the fossil fuel industry again in his new budget. Biden’s proposal, which is highly unlikely to be taken up by Congress, “removes special tax breaks for investments in oil and gas companies, and other fossil fuel tax […]

Vermont voters reject proposal for community police oversight board

Voters in Vermont’s largest city have rejected a proposal for a community police oversight board with the power to reprimand and dismiss Burlington police officers. Democratic Burlington Mayor Milo Weinberger vetoed a similar bill in 2020. Proponents gathered enough signatures to get the charter change proposed in Tuesday’s poll, but it was overruled by a […]

Jill Biden dismisses Nikki Haley’s proposal for mental competency tests

First Lady Jill Biden has reportedly dismissed a statement by Republican presidential nominee Nikki Haley calling for politicians over the age of 75 to undergo mental fitness tests. In an interview that aired on the network Monday night, CNN said the first lady called the proposal ridiculous and when asked if the president would consider […]

EPA proposal expected to expand sales of high-ethanol gasoline in Midwest states

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed actions in eight states near the Midwest that are expected to expand sales of gasoline made with higher concentrations of ethanol. The move is expected to see more sales of gasoline with 15% ethanol concentration in the summer than the more common type with 10% ethanol concentration. This came […]