Biden’s Mental Incompetency Was Only Revealed to Give the FBI an Excuse Not to Prosecute Him

Special Counsel Robert Hur only revealed President Joe Biden’s mental incompetence to explain why he will not be prosecuted, Breitbart economics editor John Carney said. Said FOX Business host Larry Kudlow said in an interview Friday. Kudlow led a panel discussion with Carney. national review Editor-in-Chief Rich Rowley and Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Steve […]

Trump Jr. Blasts Special Counsel for Refusing to Prosecute ‘Impaired Memory’ Biden

Donald Trump Jr. called the 81-year-old special counsel “sympathetic and well-intentioned” in the report, following reports that special counsel Robert Hur would not prosecute President Joe Biden over his handling of classified documents. They criticized him for treating him as “an elderly man with a poor memory.” report pointed The lawsuit seeks “evidence that President […]

Special Counsel Finds Joe Biden ‘Willfully Retained’ Classified Docs — but Is Too Mentally Feeble to Prosecute

Special Counsel Robert Hur will not indict President Joe Biden over his handling of classified documents, but his report contained startling revelations report As for Biden’s deteriorating mental health, it’s probably even worse politically. The report said the investigation “revealed evidence that President Biden knowingly retained and disclosed classified materials after becoming vice president and […]

Dallas DA fails to prosecute suspected sex trafficker, sparking questions

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Biden Pressured Garland to Prosecute Trump, Resurfaced Report Says  

The allegations resurfaced in 2022 as President Joe Biden pressured Attorney General Merrick Garland to indict former President Donald Trump. new york times the report says. The report is reappeared Thursday's X appears to be in the spotlight because of recent legal attacks on Trump. colorado – Ban Trump from Colorado’s 2024 primary ballot new […]

Majority of Democrats Want Joe Biden’s DOJ to Prosecute Hunter for Defying Subpoena

A majority of Democratic voters think President Joe Biden's Justice Department should prosecute Hunter Biden for failing to comply with a subpoenaed deposition, according to Harvard Capps and Harris. revealed in a public opinion poll. If a lawmaker accuses Mr. Hunter of contempt of Congress, the Department of Justice will charge Mr. Hunter with an […]


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