Prosecution Against CIA Agent Accused of Abusing Women Could Collapse

Prosecution of former CIA officer accused of sexually abusing women while on duty in Mexico City falls apart over questions over how authorities executed warrant to search his iPhone there is a possibility. Brian Jeffrey Raymond resigned from the CIA in 2020 after the Mexico City Police Department was summoned to his government apartment. There, […]

George Santos owns up to theft charges in Brazil, signs deal to avoid prosecution

Congressman George Santos (RN.Y.) struck a deal with Brazilian prosecutors to avoid prosecution in a fraud case 15 years ago. Santos’ attorney in Brazil, Jonimar Vasconcelos, confirmed to The Associated Press that Santos is no longer the subject of any lawsuit in Brazil. Washington Post too report Santos confessed to the theft and agreed to […]

Australian lawmakers meet with US envoy to push for end to Julian Assange’s prosecution

A bipartisan delegation of Australian lawmakers said it met with US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy on Tuesday and called on her to drop charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for the release of classified US military documents. The “Parliamentary Group to Bring Julian Assange Home” said it had told US President Kennedy there was “widespread concern” […]

Jim Jordan says Biden prosecution is ‘likely’

Republican district attorney will seek to indict President Biden or his family to retaliate against what critics call former President Trump’s weaponized prosecution of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, Jim Rep. Jordan told the Post. “One of my Republican colleagues has indicated that they have been contacted by their local DA and they say they are […]

Prosecution rests case in corruption trial for ex-Illinois House speaker’s associates

Prosecutors on Wednesday filed a trial against four people accused of seeking the benefit of Illinois’ largest power company by arranging $1.3 million contracts and payments for officials of influential state politicians. rested. Former House Speaker Michael Madigan is out of court and faces another trial of his own. But he has been a key […]

Prosecution of Trump Resembles What ‘Banana Republic’ Do

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrissey said in an interview with Breitbart News on Tuesday that the “political persecution” of former President Donald Trump was “similar” shortly after the gubernatorial election announcement.[s] What Banana Republic is doing. Morrissey told Breitbart News that the former president was indicted last week and was arraigned on Tuesday, saying, […]

Mike Pence blasts ‘political prosecution’ of Donald Trump

Former Vice President Mike Pence has lashed out at Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s decision to indict former President Trump. “For the overwhelming majority of Americans, it is clear that this is nothing more than a political prosecution under the influence of the Manhattan Attorney’s Office, which literally campaigned to indict one particular American,” Pence […]