Harvard’s stonewalling proves it still doesn’t care about antisemitism on campus

Harvard University is still They failed Jewish students. The House Education and Labor Committee was forced to subpoena Harvard University executives, including Penny Pritzker, a senior Harvard fellow, and Dr. Alan Garber, interim president. The school ignored Wednesday’s deadline to submit documents regarding its response to anti-Semitism on campus. The committee initially requested documents on […]

PWHL proves it has great chance at sustained success

The biggest spectacle on the ice this weekend may not have been on a New Jersey football field, but in Toronto on Friday. There, 19,285 fans filled the house to set women’s hockey’s all-time attendance record. The path forward for women’s professional hockey has been difficult and littered with obstacles that ultimately stuck. Good people […]

Biden’s Unhinged Press Conference Proves He’s ‘Unfit’

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana declared President Joe Biden “unfit” to serve as president after a Thursday news conference in which he questioned Biden’s cognitive abilities. He angrily scolded the special prosecutor. “The president’s press conference this evening further confirmed on live television what the special counsel’s report outlined: He is unfit to […]

PBD proves Bill Maher has no real facts about Newsom

Entrepreneur and podcaster Patrick Bett-David asked comedian Bill Maher about California Governor Gavin Newsom and his stance on climate change, demanding a specific answer. Bette David was talking to Maher in “”.club random“When he asked the host on the podcast if he liked Newsom. “First of all, I love him,” Maher began. “Do I like […]

49ers’ Brock Purdy proves there’s hardly a science to drafting QB’s

In less than a week, we’ll be kicking off Super Bowl talk and officially into the NFL offseason, which means plenty of draft talk, mock drafts, prospect screening, and, of course, quarterback discussions. Become. The 49ers’ trip to the 2024 Super Bowl provides further evidence that drafting quarterbacks is no science. Brock Purdy was the […]


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