Missouri Gov. Parson Signs Bill Banning Taxpayer Funds to Abortion Providers

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) signed a bill Thursday that prohibits abortion providers and their affiliates from receiving reimbursement from Medicaid. It is already illegal for taxpayers to directly fund abortions in the state. HB2634 Amend rules to prevent public funds from going to abortion-providing facilities or their “affiliated companies.” .@GovParsonMO Signs bill banning abortion […]

Republican Gov Signs Bill Withholding Taxpayer Funding From Abortion Providers

Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson signed a bill Thursday that prohibits taxpayer funds from Medicaid from being used to pay abortion providers, according to a press release. The bill, HB 2634, was introduced in February and would make it “unlawful to expend public funds to an abortion facility or an affiliate of such an abortion […]

The federal government is abusing its power to target private-sector education providers 

The Wall Street Journal editorial board recently tabulated Federal agencies are harassing Elon Musk and his company for some reason.These efforts, backed by Mr. Musk’s opponents in Congress and elsewhere, have already was held back Advances in SpaceX’s Starship that could take humans back to the moon and eventually Mars. The Biden administration is using […]

NY to require providers offer $15 broadband to low-income customers

New York state may move forward with legislation that would require internet service providers to offer deep discounts to low-income residents, a federal appeals court ruled Friday. The ruling by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan overturns a 2021 lower court ruling that blocked the policy days before it took effect. The law […]

With Cyberattack Fix Weeks Away, Health Providers Slam United – The New York Times

More than two weeks after the cyberattack, financially strapped doctors, hospitals and health care providers on Friday harshly criticized UnitedHealth Group’s latest policy. estimate It will take several more weeks to fully restore the digital network, into which hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance money are poured every day. UnitedHealth tests increased bill payments […]

Alabama IVF clinics reopen after Gov. Ivey signs bill granting legal protections to providers

Alabama Republican Governor Kay Ivey signed the following legislation on Wednesday: give legal protection It has been given to IVF providers, prompting some clinics to reopen. Several IVF providers, including the state’s largest hospital, suspended services last month after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that fetuses have the same rights as “fetuses.” The ruling stems […]

Alabama governor signs legislation protecting IVF providers into law

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signed a bill Wednesday that protects in vitro fertilization (IVF) providers from the state Supreme Court’s recent ruling that frozen embryos are considered children. The legislation, titled SB159, would protect IVF providers from lawsuits and criminal charges over the “death or damage to embryos” during the IVF process. The bill […]

Alabama governor signs legislation protecting IVF providers from legal liability into law

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill Wednesday that protects in vitro fertilization providers from potential liability caused by court rulings that equate frozen embryos with children. of decision The decision, handed down last month by the Alabama Supreme Court, raised concerns about civil liability for clinics and prompted an outcry from patients and other […]

HHS moves to assist Medicare providers affected by Change Healthcare hack – The Washington Post

Federal officials on Tuesday crippled healthcare payment networks across the country, after healthcare industry leaders warned that some organizations were at risk of going out of business and called for federal intervention. announced plans to assist hospitals, doctors, and other health care providers affected by cyberattacks. . The Department of Health and Human Services said […]