​Puberty blockers prescribed to children as young as 8, medical professionals admit to undercover Project Veritas journalists

A report Wednesday from Project Veritas revealed that medical professionals in the transgender surgical industry are prescribing puberty blockers that can have permanent effects on children as young as 8. rice field. A new video released by a non-profit undercover journalist firm shows medical professionals across the country are using controversial and potentially irreversible transgender […]

SNL’s ‘Nonbinary’ Molly Kearney Says States Are Making Kids ‘Grow Up Too Fast’ by Banning Puberty Blockers, Surgeries

Saturday Night Live turned to transgender issues in some of its weekend update spots, speaking out against states trying to place restrictions on gender assignments for children. Molly Carney, the skit show’s first self-proclaimed non-binary cast member, literally dropped into the audience through harnesses to attack puberty blockers and political efforts to ban infant surgery. […]

Most Americans Oppose Allowing Children to Take Puberty Blockers

Most Americans are against allowing children to take drugs that block puberty. economist/YouGov found. investigation raised Several questions related to transgender issues asked respondents to “have a transgender child or teenager experience adolescence that can temporarily prevent the effects of puberty that may not be consistent with their gender identity.” I asked if they would […]

Majority Of Americans Oppose Male Athletes Competing In Female Sports, Puberty Blockers For Minors: POLL

According to YouGov’s latest survey, the majority of Americans oppose male athletes competing in female sports or giving their children puberty blockers. of investigationsponsored by The Economist, polled 1,500 Americans on various public policy issues, including some topics of transgenderism. The questions probed respondents about their views of transgender athletes competing on sports teams allowing […]

Pentagon Docs Claim Seven-Year-Olds Can Consent to Puberty Blockers

Pentagon doctors have argued that 7-year-olds can decide to take anti-pubertal drugs or injections of sex hormones. Health care providers associated with the Department of Defense (DoD) have claimed to support a so-called “gender-affirmation” model of caring for children with gender dysphoria. fox news beginning report. Health care providers advocated for “gender-affirming health care, such […]

World Athletics bans trans women who went through male puberty

Transgender women who have gone through male puberty are not allowed to compete in women’s world ranking competitions. World Athletics announced Thursday. Rather than follow previous rules that set parameters for testosterone levels in transgender female athletes, the International Council chose to ban the belt in future athletes. Previously, transgender women had to reduce their […]