EU Cannot Punish Someone for Raping an Animal, Commission Says

The European Commission said the European Union does not have the power to enforce laws punishing animals for rape. A member of the European Commission said the EU does not have the power to punish those who rape animals, leaving control of such legislation solely in the hands of member states. The statement, which was […]

China Asks World Trade Organization to Punish U.S. for Chip Policy

The Chinese government on Tuesday called on the World Trade Organization (WTO) to crack down on US policies aimed at boosting the country’s computer chip industry. China claimed the Biden administration used green energy rhetoric to hide its protectionist policies. China’s state-owned global times The United States has shown no hint of self-awareness as one […]

How NBA should punish Mavericks tanking that poisons playoffs

The end of the regular season should be the prelude to the playoffs. It’s supposed to remind fans of what the sport has to offer. That should be when casuals are given a reason to tune in. Games 17, 82 and 162 are supposed to be dramatic — get this — no, competing to keep […]

Leftist Canadian party seeks to create anti-free-speech zones around drag performances, punish ‘offensive remarks’ with $25,000 fines

Introduced by a Canadian political party legislation This creates a no-speech zone around the drag show, punishing anyone caught making remarks deemed “offensive” by LGBT activists while in the vicinity. The New Democratic Party of Ontario is a radical left-wing political party that operates as the official opposition party in conservative-dominated Ontario. One of those […]