Why the Patriots got punished by the NFL

The Patriots’ latest rule-breaking scandal doesn’t match their previous bills. New England was suspended from OTA practice for two days by the NFL on Wednesday for previously unsubstantiated offseason offenses. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported Thursday that the NFL Players Association said: He accused the Patriots of a “meeting violation.” The problem, Florio explained, […]

ALEXIS WILKINS: In Our Social Media-Driven Society, Evil Thrives When The Good Are Punished

The society we live in is becoming a place that encourages more evil than good, and we see massive corruption and coercion to keep it that way. Our current judicial system, governments, and even encounters with strangers encourage people to do bad things, regardless of their moral implications. Political injustice, governmental excesses, and perhaps most […]

High school teacher slams DEI training as ‘white shaming,’ claims students ‘run the school’ — now students want her punished

Two editorials by brave Kansas high school teachers blaming school districts for forcing teachers to attend anti-white DEI training and undermining teachers with unclear and badly enforced policies regarding so-called transgender students has been published and has been criticized. As a result, some students went on strike in hopes that their teachers would be reprimanded […]

Students wouldn’t be punished for ‘misgendering’ trans peers under Montana bill: ‘Children should not be forced to call somebody something they’re not’

A bill in Montana would ban schools from punishing students for “misgendering” their transgender peers. The Associated Press reported. Detail is? The proposal, co-sponsored by more than 20 Republican lawmakers, says it’s not discrimination for students to use their transgender classmates’ real names or address them by their gender, the AP said. . Republican Rep. […]