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David Duchovny purposely wrote nude scene for himself at 63

Actor and writer David Duchovny purposely included nude scenes of himself in films because he thought it would be funny to show off his aged body. Duchovny wrote and directed “Reverse the Curse,” a film about Boston Red Sox fans who become sicker every time the baseball team loses. The film is based on the […]

Trump says after Haley win that he ‘purposely stayed away’ from DC GOP primary

Former President Trump shrugged off his loss in the Republican primary in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, saying there was no “upside” to running for office after Nikki Haley won her first primary victory. . President Trump: “I intentionally avoided voting in Washington, D.C., because the number of delegates is very small and it’s a “swamp” […]

GOP Rep Appears To Purposely Shove Himself Into Gaetz After McCarthy Vote

Republican North Carolina Rep. Greg Murphy appeared to purposely push Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz on Tuesday after Gaetz successfully ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Gaetz filed a motion to vacate the chairmanship on Monday, drawing support from Democrats. The motion to hold the vote failed with 11 Republicans voting against it, and the actual vote […]

Teen Who Purposely Killed Boyfriend And Friend In Crash Sentenced To 15 Years In Jail

(Photo Credit: Joe Radle/Getty Images) Abril Elfie of OAN12:40 PM – Monday, August 21, 2023 An Ohio teen has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after he deliberately crashed into a wall, killing two people. advertisement Mackenzie Cirilla, 19, who was previously convicted of murder for deliberately crashing her car into a wall, killing […]