Air Force basing more Space Force missions in Colorado amid pushback from Alabama lawmakers

us air force announced More Space Force units will have permanent homes in Colorado on Wednesday, likely fueling an ongoing dispute with Alabama legislators over Spacecom headquarters. Four of our permanent locations are based in Colorado Springs, where we currently have our temporary headquarters. Near the end of his administration, the former president chose Huntsville, […]

Manchin pipeline in debt ceiling deal prompts Democratic pushback

Its inclusion in the West Virginia Gas Pipeline Debt Ceiling Agreement, which is backed by Senator Joe Manchin (D.V.), has caused unrest among Democrats. For Manchin, who has sought congressional approval for the project to implement a deal he made with Democratic leaders, getting the bill through the pipeline is a big win. But it’s […]

Netflix delays account-sharing crackdown after ‘cancel’ pushback

Netflix decided to postpone its crackdown on account sharing in the U.S. after testing the initiative in other countries and seeing “cancellation reactions,” the company said. The streaming giant, known for hits like “Stranger Things,” “Love Is Blind,” and “You,” rolls out stricter rules in markets including Canada and Spain, according to letter sent to […]

LA County’s proposal to ‘decarcerate’ jail population withdrawn after pushback from public, law enforcement

A controversial Los Angeles County Commission member’s proposal to “de-incarnate” the prison was withdrawn from Tuesday’s agenda following opposition from the public and law enforcement. The agenda item was entitled, “Los Angeles County Takes Actionable Next Steps Towards Depopulation and De-incarnation of Los Angeles County Prisons.” File: Men’s Central Jail operated by the Los Angeles […]