Former CIA chief: Trump ‘was not qualified at the time, and he is not qualified today’

Former CIA Director John Brennan criticized former President Donald Trump in an interview with Belgian state television published Sunday, saying Trump was unqualified to handle national security issues. “I don’t think he believed what we were telling him,” Brennan said. said in an interview In an interview with RTBF, he mentioned the national security talks […]

RFK Jr. has qualified for ballot in North Carolina, campaign says

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign has added North Carolina to its expanded list of battleground states eligible for November voting. The independent candidate’s campaign said it had collected enough signatures to nominate Kennedy for the White House through its We The People party, with 23,000 pledges of support in purple states. “We have field teams, […]

RFK Jr. says campaign has qualified for Nevada general election ballot

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign announced Tuesday that he has qualified to vote in the general election in Nevada. President Kennedy: “Today marks the end of the primary election and the beginning of the general election.” Said Announced in a press release on Tuesday. “Almost 70% of Americans don’t want a rematch […]

American Psychological Association claims ‘hiring the most qualified candidate’ could be ‘unfair’

The American Psychological Association argued that “hiring the most qualified candidates may be unfair,” based on one of its recent studies. The study, titled “Is it unfair to choose the most qualified candidates?” investigated people’s perceptions of merit-based hiring after learning more about potential workers’ socio-economic status. did. Previewing the results, he argued that hiring […]

Former AGs File Brief Insisting Trump Constitutionally Qualified for Ballot

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Three former U.S. attorneys general, including Bill Barr, who has not supported Donald Trump's campaign for the Republican nomination, said in a brief filed by their lawyers Thursday with the U.S. Supreme Court that Trump has no right to the Constitution. He insisted that he was qualified to participate in the presidential […]