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WATCH: Woke church celebrates queer youth queer ancestors’?!

As the woke mob grows increasingly loud and insane, some Western churches are succumbing and embracing values ​​that go against biblical principles, especially when those values ​​earn a checkmark of approval from the LGBTQ+ community. Pat Gray and the Unleashed team Their sights are on Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad, California, where a […]

‘Dr Who’ WORST RATINGS 60-year history, takes a ‘queer step’

“Doctor Who” has been a fan favorite for 60 years, but that’s all set to change after recent viewership figures for Disney+ hit record lows. “This show is not just bad, it’s a complete failure. It’s just awful,” Lauren Chen of Pseudo-Intellectual wrote, noting that “the show has been in decline for a while now.” […]

Jonathan Van Ness finally addresses ‘rage issues’ on ‘Queer Eye’ set

Jonathan Van Ness has slammed shocking reports that they were mentally “abusive” on the set of “Queer Eye,” calling them “not based in fact,” nearly four months after the story was first published. “I think a lot of people were looking for a reason to hate on me, and to say, ‘Look, I always knew […]

Kamala Harris meets with a queer man in a dress

While Russian President Vladimir Putin is cozying up to all of America’s enemies and meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, the White House is pursuing an entirely different strategy. Vice President Kamala Harris invited the cast of Bravo’s “Queer Eye” to the White House to celebrate Pride Month. “Queer Eye” is a show in […]

‘Queer Planet’ Inadvertently Delivers Epic Rebuttal To Gay Agenda

It’s “Pride Month,” as the reader is no doubt aware. Now a fixture of mainstream American life, it’s all but impossible to avoid the corporate-sponsored, state-sanctioned festivities that take place throughout the month of June. But with this commercialization, the original subversive intent of “Pride” has been lost in the sea of pop culture. The […]

Fans Rage, Push Boycott After HBO Kills Queer Pirate Show

HBO/MAX’s decision to cancel queer pirate shows Our flag means deathThe incident has sparked equal parts anger and frustration from fans ahead of Pride Month. #DontStreamOnMax was trending on X (formerly Twitter), with the streaming giant Our flag means deatha TV show widely known as a queer show, lamented the show’s ending. Viewers are turning […]

Peacock TV’s ‘Queer Planet’: Gay, bisexual animals documentary

NBCUniversal’s streaming outlet Peacock TV is set to air a documentary about gay, lesbian and transgender animals titled “Queer Planet,” which has sparked widespread reaction on social media. Peacock has released a promotion for the documentary, which is set to be released next month. ‘Queer Planet’ delves into ‘gay penguins, bisexual lions’ [and] “The clownfish […]