Lunar mining raises key legal questions as new space race heats up

According to international space law, no country can claim sovereignty over the moon or any other part of outer space. That’s why NASA relies on private companies to advance its goals in space. “If we want to maintain our lead, we need to continue to invest and make sure we set the pace, not other […]

US-China space race for moon mining heats up

The race for space mining is becoming even more competitive as China, the United States and other countries work to expand mining and production of rare earth elements. “We see China continuing to press the accelerator,” said Michael Usowski, senior defense intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Space Counterspace Office. “They want to be […]

Koch Network, Super PAC Backs Nikki Haley in 2024 Presidential Race

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the political advocacy arm of the Koch Network, has endorsed former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in her 2024 presidential bid. according to BBC News, AFP praised Haley as “the candidate who can turn the page on Washington’s toxic culture, and the candidate who can win.” The announcement comes as the […]

Pennsylvania Rep. Craig Williams enters 2024 race for attorney general

Pennsylvania on Tuesday played a key role in the court defending Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential battleground state, where a state lawmaker who is helping lead an effort to impeach an elected prosecutor in Philadelphia He is the latest candidate for attorney general. Republican state Rep. Craig Williams, who represents parts of suburban […]

Eight-team race to the Super Bowl

Call them the “Crazy Eight.” There are eight NFL teams (four in each conference) with at least eight wins after Week 12 of the season, with three other seasons (2020, 2019) the most teams to reach eight wins since 2002. year, 2003). Yes, the NFL looks top-heavy. But don’t worry. There’s a lot of drama […]

New endorsement in Ohio’s GOP primary battle in race to flip blue seat

First appearance on Fox: Conservative Sen. Mike Lee is taking sides in Ohio’s Republican Senate primary that could determine whether Republicans regain the House majority. Lee is endorsing Bernie Moreno, a successful Cleveland-based businessman and major luxury car dealer, in an endorsement first shared on Fox News on Tuesday. The three-term Republican senator from Utah […]