Michigan protesters yell ‘Death to America’ in raging rally held in Rashida Tlaib’s district

Demonstrators at an event held for International Quds Day shouted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” in Dearborn, Michigan, this weekend. International Quds Day is held to support Gaza and oppose Israel’s “occupation” of areas considered by the day’s demonstrators to be Palestinian territories. Dearborn, part of Michigan’s 12th Congressional District, is represented in […]

Ukraine’s Popular Iron General Replaced By Zelensky Amid Raging War

Valery Zarzini began his military training in the 1990s. (File) Kyiv: General Valery Zarzhiny, the commander of Ukraine’s military who was replaced on Thursday, became a national hero two years ago after defeating Moscow’s invading forces, but suffered setbacks on the battlefield as the war began. The move comes after reports of friction between President […]

Chris Russo still raging over NFL’s Peacock exclusive playoff game

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo isn’t buying what the NFL is selling when it comes to streaming. Weeks later, the prominent sports commentator is still furious about the NFL’s decision to broadcast the Wild Card playoff game between the Chiefs and Dolphins on Peacock, a platform operated by NBCUniversal. Russo is not alone in his disappointment […]