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John Oliver Rags On Kate Middleton’s PhotoShop Abilities On ‘Last Week Tonight’: “A Certain Someone’s Adobe Free Trial Expired In A Pretty Public Manner”

John Oliver had to take another moment to lash out at Kate Middleton, this time on his own turf. After delving into the conspiracy surrounding the Princess of Wales’ doctored family photos on last Tuesday’s (March 12) episode; Watch what happens liveOliver couldn’t help but joke about Middleton again on Sunday night’s (March 17) episode. […]

DEROY MURDOCK: Democrats Rip The Senate Dress Code Into Rags

Bidenflation, collapsing school test scores, destroyed “borders,” vagrant encampments, feces-stained sidewalks, blood-soaked streets, juvenile genital mutilation, burgeoning sexual slavery, and growing foreign threats are not enough. As if that wasn’t enough, the Democrats just slammed His Majesty. of the world’s largest deliberative body. Even the Senate’s dress code couldn’t withstand the Democrats’ urge to make […]