Biden signs bill to raise debt ceiling

President Biden signed legislation on Saturday to raise the debt ceiling to 2025 and avoid a default, in a significant bipartisan achievement amid a divided Washington, D.C. government. The president signed the bill into law just days after Treasury Department officials warned that there would be a shortage of funds to pay the nation’s bills, […]

Military, tech experts raise concerns about weaponization of AI

(new nation) – The speed of development of artificial intelligence (AI) and its vast capabilities have caused legislators to wonder how much advanced technology can achieve. “It really reminds me of the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and nuclear physics. We quickly realized that nuclear physics could build energy,” said Senator Roger Marshall, a member of the […]

Here are the senators who voted against the bill to raise the debt ceiling

The Senate on Thursday passed a sweeping bipartisan plan to suspend the debt ceiling as the fiscal deadline looms to avoid a federal debt default. The Senate contested a series of amendment votes, but ultimately passed the bill 63 to 36 about an hour before midnight after losing all of them. Five Democrats and 31 […]

Senate passes bipartisan bill to raise debt ceiling and cap future spending

The Senate on Thursday passed a bipartisan bill that would increase the country’s borrowing limit and limit future spending, sending the bill to President Biden’s desk just days before a possible default on U.S. debt. The so-called Fiscal Responsibility Act passed the Senate by a vote of 63 to 36 the day after it passed […]

ESPN was to raise ‘progressive pride flag’ — which includes transgender colors — at sports network’s HQ for Pride Month

ESPN was scheduled to fly a “progressive pride flag” Thursday at its Sports Network headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, which includes transgender colors. Fox News reported.. June 1st is the first day of Pride Month. according to human rights organizationthe progressive or “progressive” flag adds white, pink and light blue stripes to the traditional rainbow flag […]

House Votes to Raise Debt Ceiling, Sending ‘Fiscal Responsibility Act’ to Senate

The House on Wednesday overwhelmingly voted to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for a Republican-backed spending restraint. Dubbed the Fiscal Responsibility Act, the bill passed by 314 to 117 and will now be debated in the Democratic-controlled Senate. 149 Republicans and 165 Democrats voted in favor of the bill, with majority votes in both […]

House passes bill to raise debt ceiling

The House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill Wednesday night to suspend the debt ceiling, overcoming vociferous opposition from conservative and liberal lawmakers, one step closer to avoiding an economy-disrupting default before next week’s deadline. The bill, created through negotiations between President Biden, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California), and their nominees, passed the floor in […]

House passes bipartisan bill to raise debt ceiling and cap future spending

The House of Representatives negotiated Wednesday night with President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) to pass legislation that would increase the nation’s borrowing limit and limit future spending. The so-called Fiscal Responsibility Act was heavily criticized by both hardline Republicans and far-left Democrats, and passed the House by a vote of 314 to […]