MI suspect charged after assaulting and raping couple while 1-year-old was present

Two Michigan suspects have been arrested in connection with a robbery and sexual assault in Northville Township late last month, according to reports. WJBK. The attack occurred while the 1-year-old was present. Javon Bryant Anderson, 29, and a second unidentified suspect carried out the attack at a residence at Eight Mile Road and Silver Spring […]

Former Kentucky cop charged with raping 14-year-old

A former Kentucky police officer has been charged with rape and sodomy after admitting to having sex with a 14-year-old victim multiple times and even buying sex toys to abuse her. . David Roy Love, 69, of Radcliffe, was arrested by Kentucky State Police on January 4th following an investigation into allegations of perversion in […]

Spiritual medium accused of raping woman he claimed was lover in past life

A Thai medium has been arrested on suspicion of telling the mother of an autistic woman that the 21-year-old woman was her boyfriend in a previous life, then raping her. viral press and Local Outlet The Tiger. He tells his mother that he and his daughter Pan were lovers in a previous life. Superstitious parents […]

Texas Rapper Arrested For Holding Woman In Captivity, Drugging And Raping Her For Years

She tried to escape several times but was unsuccessful. A local Houston rapper was arrested Thursday on suspicion of kidnapping a pregnant woman and keeping her in his garage for at least four years. ABC News report. Lee “Viper” Carter, 52, was arrested by Houston police on Thursday and charged with aggravated kidnapping, according to […]

A Margaritaville cruise ship bartender is accused of raping a passenger in her cabin. The cruise passenger claimed she needed to get an abortion after being impregnated by the bartender.

A Margaritaville cruise ship bartender has been accused of raping a passenger in his cabin. The cruise passenger claimed that the bartender had impregnated her and that she needed an abortion. An anonymous woman from West Virginia, Jane Doe, has filed a federal lawsuit against Classica's Margaritaville at Sea cruise line in West Palm Beach, […]


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