FAA Investigating Another Near-Collision at D.C.’s Reagan Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched an investigation after two planes nearly collided at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Wednesday. Air traffic controllers at Arlington, Virginia’s airport had to cancel American Airlines Flight 2134’s takeoff clearance after the flight was already heading toward the runway at about 10:30 a.m., when another plane received […]

Like Reagan Before Him, Trump Barnstorms the Bronx

Republican presidential challenger campaigning against an inflation-fueled and unpopular Democratic incumbent in the South Bronx. I have seen this show before. On August 5, 1980, Ronald Reagan, the Republican candidate running against President Jimmy Carter, visited New York City, which was in turmoil. “Make America Great Again.” Reagan had been encouraged by his ally, Rep. […]

NYT Claims Reagan Withheld Arms from Israel, Like Biden

Claim: President Ronald Reagan, like President Joe Biden, withheld arms from Israel in order to influence Israel’s military policy. Verdict: Misleading. Reagan acted within the law, but also under the completely different circumstances of withholding his weapons. of new york timesPeter Baker, who won a Pulitzer Prize for false reporting in newspapers about “Russian collusion,” […]

Dennis Quaid Embraced ‘Reagan’ Role: ‘He Was My Favorite President’

Legendary actor Dennis Quaid didn’t need to be coaxed to play Ronald Reagan as part of a biopic scheduled for release in August. Quaid voted for Reagan. He was studying his life. He always considered himself an admirer of the actor and reagan ‘ is scheduled to be released in theaters on August 30th. […]

‘Listen To The Screams’: Planes Nearly Collide On Reagan Airport Runway

Two planes nearly collided on the runway at Washington, D.C.’s Reagan Airport (DCA) on Thursday morning, when air traffic controllers appeared to nearly steer the planes toward each other. In a statement provided to the Daily Caller, the Federal Aviation Administration said, “Air traffic controllers observed that a Ronald Reagan aircraft was flying onto Southwest […]

Two planes nearly collide at DC’s Reagan National Airport

A near collision between two aircraft was avoided earlier Thursday at Washington, D.C.’s Reagan National Airport.  JetBlue and Southwest Airlines airplanes avoided each other by only 400 feet. Air traffic control recordings show controllers yelling at the JetBlue flight to stop its takeoff as the Southwest flight began taxiing on the runway.  “An air traffic […]

‘It’s Dangerous’: Daily Caller Reporter Reagan Reese Rips ‘De-banking’ Of John Eastman, Christian Groups

Daily Caller White House correspondent Reagan Reese criticized former President Donald Trump’s lawyer John Eastman and other Christian organizations for “debanking” on Real America’s Voice on Wednesday. Mr. Reese appeared on “The War Room” to discuss recent reports about how Bank of America and financial services company USAA closed Mr. Eastman’s accounts without warning. Eastman […]