Uncomfortable reality leads to Vision Pro returns

According to a recent report, Apple’s Vision Pro headset is undergoing a rash of returns, with users citing discomfort, headaches, and eye strain as their main concerns. This increase in returns coincides with the end of Apple’s 14-day return period, suggesting that the initial excitement over the $3,500 device may be fading. The headset’s ungainly […]

A ransomware reality check as US is a top target of attacks

Like many people, you may think that ransomware attacks are a global problem, but a new report shows that hackers are targeting specific countries, with the United States being one of the top targets. It became clear that it was. According to a critical infrastructure security company Dragos, 44% of ransomware attacks last year targeted […]

The hidden agenda: Exposing the immigration bill’s reality

Joe Biden has the authority to secure the border, but for some reason he won’t do it. Even immigration legislation hailed as the toughest in history masks its true meaning with complex legalese. “There are multiple loopholes to this,” Mark Levin explains. “Including the fact that you have to go through a port of entry.” […]

Reporter hits unhinged Joe Scarborough with reality check about the special counsel report, Biden’s memory problems

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough expressed anger at Special Counsel Robert Hur on Friday, but quickly learned why details about President Joe Biden’s cognitive status were needed in his report. Mr. Scarborough repeatedly attacked Mr. Hur on his “Morning Joe” show, sarcastically calling him a “neurologist” and possibly for Hur’s conclusions about Mr. Biden’s memory. Mr. […]

Augmented reality headsets can cause ‘lapses in judgments’

A group of researchers at Stanford University has found that frequent use of “pass-through video” and “mixed reality” headsets can cause illness, interfere with depth perception, and cause social problems. The researchers, who called themselves “headset veterans,” said they encountered significant hurdles in using the headsets in their “relatively short period of use.” Eleven researchers […]

Taylor Swift’s AI porn debacle alters our ‘reality’

When the first wave of mainstream AI panic hit us in January 2021, it was right around the time that OpenAI came out. announced My first thoughts about the image generator, DALL-E, were: This will first revolutionize fandom, then satire. Integrating AI into these fields will not only democratize content creation to some extent (there […]


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