USF professor Dr. Joseph Dituri attempts to live underwater for record-setting 100 days

Meet Aquaman in Academia. A University of South Florida professor has been living underwater since the beginning of March. He intends to remain in his underwater dwelling for a record 100 days as part of his unique biological research. Joseph Dituri, aka “Doctor”. Jules of Key Largo, who lives in his 100-square-foot habitat in 30-foot-deep […]

NASCAR driver says he nearly won record-setting Powerball jackpot last year

(NEXSTAR) – Just a few months ago, Powerball players were vying for a world record-setting $2.04 billion jackpot. Even though it’s just one ticket… Edwin Castro claims LAST MONTH – If you match all six numbers to win the jackpot, NASCAR drivers say they had one more number to claim the prize before it crossed […]

Cuban, Haitian Migrants Continue Record-Setting Landings on Florida Coast

Miami Sector Border Patrol agents and Coast Guard crews continue to deter immigration, part of a record surge along Florida’s coast. A Miami Sector investigator has arrested more immigrants in his first four months of FY23 than in the entire previous year. Miami Sector Chief Patrol Agent Walter Slother tweeted an image of a group […]