Biden Unveils New Plans To Reduce Student Loan Debts To Woo Young Voters

Washington: U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday unveiled a new plan to reduce the student loan debt of millions of Americans in a new attempt to win over young voters who will be critical in the November election. The Democratic proposal comes after his earlier broader ambitions to cancel hundreds of billions of dollars in […]

Touch can reduce pain, depression and anxiety, say researchers | Medical research

Researchers say the sensation of touch, whether it’s a hug from a friend or the caress of a weighted blanket, appears to benefit the body and mind. The sense of touch is the first thing that babies develop and is very important for experiencing their environment and communicating. Indeed, the loss of contact with others […]

Biden cracks down on diesel trucks in bid to fight climate change, reduce emissions

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Nissan to launch 30 new models by 2027, reduce cost of EVs

FOX Business’ Madison Alworth talks about the latest innovations in electric vehicles at the New York International Auto Show. Nissan aims to improve profitability over the medium term through its newly announced plans. The automaker announced a business plan on Monday dubbed “The Arc,” which calls for “a broad product offensive, a push toward electrification, […]

For First Time, Canada To Reduce Temporary Residents, Put Cap On Intake

The government wants to reduce temporary residents to 5% of the total population. Ottawa: Immigration Minister Mark Miller said Thursday that Canada plans to reduce the number of temporary residents and place a cap on temporary immigration for the first time in history, the government’s latest effort to address housing shortages and strains on essential […]

Dollar General drops self-checkout to reduce theft

Dollar General is eliminating self-checkout systems at all stores in an effort to curb retail theft. The company’s CEO, Todd Vasos, told analysts on an earnings call Thursday that self-checkouts were removed from 300 stores with the biggest problems with shrinkage (an industry term for lost or stolen items) in the first half of this […]

Omnichannel Banking Helps Credit Unions Reduce Member Churn –

Credit unions (CUs), known for their community-focused approach and member-centric values, are responding to the changing financial ecosystem. With the rise of FinTech startups offering cutting-edge technology and personalized services, CUs are under pressure to modernize their operations and improve the customer experience. CU recognizes the importance of digital transformation and is taking proactive steps […]

How to reduce our risk and the right questions during screenings

Cancer risk is based on several factors, and while there is no absolute way to prevent all cancers, there are steps you can take to reduce risk and raise awareness so that it can be treated early and most effectively. There are many things you can do. Dr. Marlene Myers from New York University Langone […]


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