Ayesha Curry regrets overexposing daughter on social media

Aisha Curry has shared a lot with her fans over the years, and if she could do it differently when showing off her family life, she would. of Insider’s May 2023 cover story for herthe wife of Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has expressed regret over the couple’s first child, 10-year-old daughter Riley, being overexposed in […]

‘Godfather of AI’ quits Google — and says he regrets life’s work

A prominent artificial intelligence researcher known as the “Godfather of AI” has quit his job at Google. He says he partly regrets his work in advancing burgeoning technology because of the risks it poses to society. Dr. Geoffrey Hinton is a renowned computer scientist widely recognized for laying the foundations of AI that led to […]

‘Simpsons’ voice actor for controversial ‘Apu’ character regrets pushing ‘marginalizing, dehumanizing stereotype’

Most recently, he was a former actor on the long-running TV show The Simpsons. expressed regret for voicing a controversial character It helps create ‘Apu’ and ‘alienated and dehumanized stereotypes’. While appearing on NPR’s podcast “Code Switch,” voice actor Hank Azaria described his ancestry as “a Sephardic Jew from Greece,” most recently for a role […]

Bill Clinton regrets having Ukraine give up nuclear weapons

Former President Bill Clinton has expressed remorse over his role in negotiating the 1994 agreement that would have forced Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons, arguing that if Russia still had nuclear weapons, Russia would invade its smaller neighbor. It suggests that he never did. “I got them so I feel a personal stake […]

Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin Says He Has No Regrets on Afghanistan

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told lawmakers at a hearing on Wednesday that he had “no regrets” over the disastrous and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan. Jim Banks (R-IN), chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel, asked Austin, “Do you have any regrets about withdrawing from Afghanistan?” “I support the president’s decision,” Austin said. […]

Reggie Jackson tells Howard Stern about infidelity regrets

Mr. October regrets his infidelity. Reggie Jackson is the subject of a new documentary on Amazon’s Prime Video that debuts on Friday, and spoke with Howard Stern on SiriusXM on Wednesday on a wide range of topics. In one segment, Stern asked the former Yankees slugger if he found it difficult to open up to […]

Nick Cannon regrets not having baby with ex Christina Milian

what’s the other one? Nick Cannon has revealed that he regrets not having children with ex-girlfriend Christina Milian. “When I say this, I know it’s going to go viral,” said Cannon, who has 12 children. shadow room Last Friday, he was asked which of his exes he wanted to give birth with. “But I remember […]

Mega-rich tech ‘creep’ breaks silence on $100K request: ‘No regrets’

The billionaire tech mogul who made global headlines for offering a female flight passenger $100,000 to remove her face mask posts ‘no regrets’ about his controversial offer told to Silicon Valley veteran Steve Kirsch, 64, said of his encounter with the woman, Twitter thread from last Friday. “I’m on a Delta flight right now,” he […]