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Joy Reid determined to vote for Biden even if he’s ‘in a coma’

MSNBC host Joy Reid Posts She posted a video to her TikTok page on Thursday declaring that she would vote for President Joe Biden no matter what, even if he was in a coma. Reid said her main goal in the next election is to remove “Hitler” former President Donald Trump from office. Democrats need […]

Joy Reid says she'd vote for Biden if he was 'in a coma'

MSNBC host Joy Reid said in a TikTok post on Thursday that she would “vote” even if President Biden was “in a coma.” “By the way, if Biden is in a coma, I’m voting for Biden in a coma,” Reid said. He said in the videoShe emphasized her desire to prevent former President Trump from […]

Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow MELTDOWN after Biden debate

Conservatives may acknowledge that there are big differences between men and women, but it’s liberals who best demonstrate that following President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance. Liberal men’s reactions are primarily based on logic, whereas women’s reactions are illogical and emotional. Rachel Maddow’s recent mental breakdown is a case in point. “I never thought they’d […]

Joy Reid bugs out in wake of SCOTUS ruling

MSNBC commentator Joy Reid, like many of her liberal colleagues in the mainstream media, She played a role In recent years, Democrats have tried to portray President Joe Biden as competent and capable in order to hold onto the White House for another term. But this has turned out to be a colossal waste of […]

Democrat Donor Reid Hoffman Sticking with Biden After Debate

Democratic megadonor Reid Hoffman doubled down on President Joe Biden after he faced former President Donald Trump in a presidential debate, saying “there is still a good chance Biden can win this election.” Hoffman, the LinkedIn co-founder, said in an email. Dealt with Democratic voters, politicians and donors have been concerned about Biden’s age and […]

Joy Reid Says Democrats Are ‘Approaching Panic’ By Biden’s ‘Extremely Weak’ Debate Performance

MSNBC host Joy Reid said Democrats are “panic-stricken” after President Joe Biden’s “extremely weak” performance against former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential debate. Biden spoke hoarsely and his questions were stuttered throughout the debate, causing panic among his party members and the liberal media. “The overall reaction was bordering on panic,” Reid said. […]

Joy Reid ROASTED for finally dumping her ‘Trump haircut’

Fearless’ Jason Whitlock recently made an interesting observation about Joy Reid, and it seems the MSNBC anchor has noticed. Whitlock pointed out that while Reid and Jemele Hill constantly criticize white women, most recently WNBA star Kaitlyn Clark, they also seem to put in a lot of effort to look like white women. While Hill […]

Joy Reid: ‘Most great players black, most stars white’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid and fellow racist Jemele Hill (who Jason Whitlock calls “two delusional black queens”) recently made comments about WNBA rookie star Kaitlyn Clark. Of course, these comments were, as they have consistently maintained, bigoted towards others. “Someone wise told me recently that the problem with women’s basketball is that most of the best […]