Most federal govt employees continue remote work, contradicting Biden pledge

Government agencies are taking up as much as half of office space, potentially costing taxpayers millions of dollars in wasted heating and cooling costs, a federal watchdog agency said in a report released this week. did. The General Accounting Office (GAO) has issued a report requested by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) earlier this year, citing […]

Alaska landslide leaves three dead, three more missing in remote fishing community

Three people were killed and three others are missing after a landslide destroyed homes on a heavily forested, rain-soaked mountainside in a remote fishing village in southeastern Alaska. The landslide, estimated to be 450 feet wide, occurred around 9 p.m. Monday near Wrangell, an island village of 2,000 people about 255 miles south of Juneau, […]

How North Koreans Seek Remote Job In Western Tech Firms

North Korea sends thousands of IT personnel overseas. London: Using fake names, fake LinkedIn profiles, forged documents, and mock interview scripts, North Korean IT workers seeking jobs at Western tech companies deploy sophisticated deceptions to get hired. Western recruiters are being forced to find work outside North Korea to secretly earn foreign currency for the […]

New study reveals one in four remote workers are sneaking off to have sex while on the job

One in four telecommuting employees have sex at work, a new study has revealed. CalendarLabs researchers recently shared the results of a September 2023 study that found that approximately 25% of all remote workers work during company hours. “As remote work becomes more common, research tracks that the planned intimacy of some telecommuters extends to […]

Man accused of assault sent to remote icefield with young grad students

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — A man accused of assaulting a woman at a U.S. research base in Antarctica was then sent to a remote ice field where he was tasked with keeping a professor and three young graduate students safe. and remained there ever since. A full week has passed since the arrest warrant was […]

Remote work for the win: How in-office requirements are hurting companies

As the coronavirus pandemic spread, so did the concept of working remotely. As employees adopted new ways of working, the old rules of the office disappeared when dress slacks were replaced with sweatpants. From late 2022 to early 2023, as the world began to ease many pandemic policies, several companies, including Twitter, Amazon, and Disney, […]