American Reporter Evan Gershkovich Marks One Year as Russian Hostage

Evan Gershkovich is an American citizen; wall street journal The (WSJ) reporter who was kidnapped by Russia’s Vladimir Putin regime in March 2023 marked one year since his captivity on Friday, March 29th. Mr. Gershkovych was arrested in Yekaterinburg last year on highly questionable espionage charges and has been detained without trial or evidence ever […]

CBS News reporter confronts Kirby with the perfect question after US allows UN resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire to pass

CBS News correspondent Ed O’Keefe ruffled John Kirby’s feathers on Monday. The United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution on Monday calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The United States abstained from voting on the resolution, allowing it to be adopted.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Understandably upset and canceled Israeli delegation’s travel schedule to […]

Kim Mulkey calls Washington Post reporter ‘sleazy’ during March Madness

LSU women’s basketball head coach Kim Mulkey continues to fire warning shots at the Washington Post. On Saturday, Mulkey, 61, threatened to sue The Washington Post for defamation over an apparent “hit movie” rumored to be in the works. After LSU’s come-from-behind victory over No. 11 seed Middle Tennessee in Sunday’s March Madness round of […]

Supporters swim for detained WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich

Dozens of swimmers braved frigid temperatures and persistent rain Saturday to make waves ahead of the one-year anniversary of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich’s arrest. Wall Street Journal Editor-in-Chief Emma Tucker visited Brighton, Brooklyn on March 29 during a research trip to Russia as part of a multilateral effort to raise awareness about Gershkovitch’s […]

‘Talking To Dead People’: Daily Caller Reporter Calls Out Media’s Tactic To Hide Behind Trump Attacks, Cover For Biden

Daily Caller White House correspondent Regan Reese criticized the tactics employed by traditional media to cover President Joe Biden’s retirement, hiding behind attacks on former President Donald Trump. . Reese appeared on “The Sean Spicer Show” and shared his thoughts on the upcoming general election, as opinion polls continue to predict that former President Donald […]

Miami Herald reporter hides connection to socialist publications, Occupy movement — all while targeting Republican mayor

Sara Blaskey, the Miami Herald’s investigative reporter, has a background you might want to know about. Blaskey, who typically covers political news, often features articles that cast a negative light on Republicans, particularly Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (R). In fact, Blaskey has written numerous articles about alleged ethics violations […]


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