Father, Two Sons Arrested For Alleged Fatal Shooting Of Son Of Dominican Republic Lawmaker

The police in Houston, Texas arrested and charged a father and his two sons Monday with last month’s fatal ambush and shooting of a top Dominican Republic lawmaker’s son, according to statements. Hernan Torres, Sr. 50, Hernan Torres, Jr. 25, and Hernando Torres, 19, were charged with allegedly fatally shooting 34-year-old Luis Alfredo Pacheco and […]

New Republic Returns to Stephen Glass Era with ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Smear of Balaji Srinivasan

of new republica fascist, racist, anti-democratic, far-left propaganda outlet was caught lying about anti-woke tech entrepreneur and investor Balaji Srinivasan. yes stephen glass The times have come back new republican era in which fabricated lies about political opponents are made public as fact. last week, new republic To a dwindling and gullible audience, Srinivasan told […]

Republic First seizure signals more bank failures to come, expert warns

Larry McDonald, founder of the Bear Trap Report, said the New York Community Bank failure speaks to a larger economic problem with “making money.” Republic First Bank is a regional lender based in: of philadelphiawas shut down by Pennsylvania banking regulators on Friday, with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) taking control, making it the […]

Philly lender Republic First Bancorp seized by feds in latest regional bank collapse

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation announced Friday that U.S. regulators have agreed to seize Republic First Bancorp and sell it to Fulton Bank, raising the bar for challenges facing regional banks a year after the failures of three of its peers. highlighted. The Philadelphia-based bank abandoned financing talks with a group of investors and was […]