Oregon Judge Blocks Mag Limits, Permit Requirement for Gun Purchases

Harney County Judge Robert S. Raschio on Tuesday afternoon issued a permanent injunction against Oregon’s Ballot Measure 114 (BM114), which includes magazine capacity limits and purchase permit requirements for firearms buyers. Mr. Raschio initially blocked gun control measures days before they were to go into effect. Breitbart News reported that Raschio filed a temporary restraining […]

4th Circuit Finds Maryland Handgun License Requirement Unconstitutional

On Tuesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled that Maryland’s handgun qualification requirement is unconstitutional. Plaintiffs in this lawsuit include Maryland Shall Issue, Inc., Atlantic Guns, Inc., Deborah Kay Miller, and Susan Brancato Vizas. The case was brought to the Fourth Circuit on appeal from the United States District Court for […]

IMF Revises Pakistan’s Foreign Loan Requirement To $25 Billion: Report

The IMF also lowered its inflation forecast to 22.8% from 25.9%. islamabad: According to media reports on Saturday, the IMF has revised Pakistan’s external loan requirements for the current fiscal year downward to $25 billion, a cut of $3.4 billion to provide significant relief to the cash-strapped economy. The Washington-based global financial institution also lowered […]

Christie says he’s met donor requirement to qualify for 4th GOP debate

As candidates strive to meet Republican National Committee (RNC) standards to take the stage in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Chris Christie’s campaign announced Monday that the former New Jersey governor will become a Republican next month. The organization announced that it has met the donation requirements necessary to qualify for the fourth presidential debate. . “Following Mr. […]

NJ Teachers Union Calls For Ending Basic Skills Test Requirement

New Jersey’s teachers union is calling for the elimination of basic skills tests for teachers, according to a statement released Wednesday. The New Jersey Education Association issued a statement touting its goal of lowering the bar for aspiring teachers and encouraging allies to write letters to the governor expressing support for the cause. .(Related: New […]