Indonesia landslides kill 10, rescuers search for 42 missing

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Rescuers were looking for 42 people still missing on Tuesday after two landslides triggered by torrential rains that hit villages on an island in Indonesia’s remote Natuna province, disaster officials said. Stated. Dozens of soldiers, police and volunteers joined the search in the remote island villages of Genting and Pangkalan, surrounded by […]

Turkey rescuers find more alive on 8th day after earthquake

Rescuers on Tuesday worked to reach people under the rubble in three provinces devastated by the devastating earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria last week. The death toll from quakes of magnitudes 7.8 and 7.5 that struck nine hours apart in southeastern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6 has surpassed 35,000 and is steadily […]

Rescuers Pull Off Miracles in Turkey/Syria Earthquake Disaster

Rescuers in Syria and Turkey continue to search for survivors on Thursday after two quakes struck the devastating magnitude-7 cities in both countries on Monday. debris. region experienced A magnitude 7.7 quake hit early Monday morning, followed hours later by a magnitude 7.6 aftershock that trapped first responders in the rubble of a collapsed building. […]

Turkey, Syria earthquake death toll tops 4,000 as rescuers face tough conditions

A devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria has killed more than 4,000 people and rescuers looking for survivors faced harsh weather conditions early Tuesday morning. Desperate cries from people trapped among the rubble are heard by first responders prepared for rain, snow and ongoing seismic activity, including a magnitude 7.5 jolt nearly as strong […]