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Antisemitic protests in US resemble other extreme social justice movements, experts suggest

Experts suggest that the anti-Israel protests that have roiled major U.S. cities and college campuses since the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas are strikingly similar to other movements supported by social justice activists. Since the attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, Outburst of protests People around the world have condemned […]

Florida influencer busted for tricking out Charger to resemble police cruiser

A Florida Instagram star with 1.8 million followers has been arrested for allegedly making his Dodge Charger look like a police car. Equipped with siren and lights. Yulia Pugachev, 28, of Hollywood, was charged with imitating the color of a Florida Highway Patrol vehicle, failing to register the vehicle and misusing a dealer’s license plate, […]

Mexican officials say 45 bags of human remains resemble missing call center employees

State prosecutors said 45 bags containing bodies were found in the Mexican state of Jalisco earlier this week that appear to resemble the characteristics of the missing young call center employee. In a statement, the Jalisco Public Prosecutor’s Office said the body was found in the city of Zapopan during a search for missing persons. […]