Pope Francis reaffirms priesthood is ‘reserved for men,’ cannot be changed to include women

Pope Francis reaffirmed the Catholic Church’s doctrine that women cannot receive holy orders. The Pope discussed the impossibility of ordaining women in a Spanish-language book published in June. Its title is “El Pastor: Desafios, Lazones and Reflections Sobre Su Pontificado,” or in English “The Shepherd: Anguish, Reason, and Thoughts on the Papacy.” ,” “The fact […]

‘Holy Orders Reserved for Men’

Some progressive activists had hoped that the Pope would at least allow women deacons, but the Pope said the diaconate is “the first degree of priesthood in the Catholic Church, then the priesthood, and finally the priesthood.” This will be difficult because “the teaching profession will continue,” he said. ” “If we only think about […]

AUD Price Forecast: No Respite for Aussie after Reserved China Rate Cut – DailyFX

AUD/USD analysis and issues A lack of Chinese stimulus is weighing on the Australian dollar. The RBA is higher than the Fed in the long run. AUD/USD Turnaround or Continue? Endorsed by Warren Venketas Get Free Australian Dollar Predictions Basic Background on the Australian Dollar The Australian dollar is trading at extreme levels this Monday […]


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