Bugatti to build Dubai residences with drive-in penthouses

Drive-ins are usually associated with open-air theaters, but now they’re having a residential moment. Bugatti’s new luxury complex (a first for an automaker) will feature luxurious amenities, as well as penthouse suites with car elevators. Bugatti is partnering with UAE developer Binhatti to build a luxury building that bears its name. Newly released renders show […]

Oregon ‘Right to Rest Act’ would let homeless treat tents on public sidewalks as private residences — and sue for $1,000 if ‘harassed’

An Oregon bill called the “Right to Rest Act” decriminalizes camping in public places and gives homeless people the ability to treat property like tents as private residences, even when they’re on public sidewalks. . KATU-TV reported. Detail is? HB3501 KATU maintains that homeless people are entitled to “the benefits and reasonable expectations of privacy […]