Portland Business Resorts To Security Robot To Patrol Downtown Area

A company in Portland, Oregon, is deploying autonomous security robots to patrol its premises in the city's downtown, according to KPTV. Desperate #Portland Companies pay attention to RoboCop: Real estate managers adopt it #robot Security guards guard outside skyscraper – More than half of residents say they want to leave Democratic-run city due to homelessness […]

Hurricane Norma closes in on Mexico’s Los Cabos resorts

Hurricane Norma is approaching the resort town of Los Cabos, Mexico, with sustained winds of 110 mph reported as the storm creeps up the Pacific coast. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Tammy has been upgraded to a hurricane as it poses a threat to the Leeward Islands. Both hurricanes are expected to approach landfall Saturday, but rain […]

MGM Resorts racks up $100M cost from cyberattack

Morgan Wright, SentinelOne’s chief security advisor, said it was “likely” that hackers would attack “Making Money” again. MGM Resorts International has disclosed the cost of a devastating cyberattack from September. The third-quarter cyber attack that MGM Resorts disclosed last month and has since been contained cost the company $100 million, with losses expected to be […]

Alarmists Warn of Snow Shortage at Ski Resorts from ‘Climate Crisis’

UK climate change concern Guardian The newspaper warned on Monday that a quarter of Europe’s ski resorts would face a shortage of snow due to global warming. Many ski resorts in Europe are in danger of survival. Guardianenvironment editor for reportThat’s because 25 percent of Europe’s resorts will suffer from a lack of snow every […]

JESSE WATTERS: FEMA booked themselves in the five-star luxury Hawaiian resorts

Fox News host Jesse Watters lashes out at government officials wildfires in hawaii In “Jesse Watters Primetime”. Jesse Waters: Fire breaks out on Maui, Hawaii115 dead, 850 Americans missing, hundreds of them children, making it the deadliest wildfire in more than a century of American history. ‘Read the room’ Biden jokes about ‘hot ground’ while […]