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Kinzinger says JD Vance's response to shooting should 'disqualify' him from VP consideration

Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said Sunday that Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio)’s response to the assassination attempt on former President Trump should “disqualify” him from serving as vice president. Vance, one of Trump’s running mates, said in a social media post on Saturday that the shooting was “not an isolated incident” and suggested President Biden’s […]

‘I agree with me’: Ben Shapiro’s viral comedic response to Democrat who confronts him about his religious beliefs

Ben Shapiro shut down California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell on Wednesday after the senator unsuccessfully tried to weaponize Shapiro’s personal religious beliefs. During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the controversial Global Alliance for Responsible Media, Swalwell chose to question Shapiro about a topic unrelated to the hearing: Project 2025, a plan for America’s future […]

Civil rights groups ask for federal investigation into campus protests response

Several civil rights groups have called on the Departments of Justice and Education to investigate police responses to campus protests over Israel’s war with Hamas this school year. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the National Urban League and numerous Arab and Jewish groups have called for civil rights investigations into several of the schools where […]

Michigan’s bird flu response unsettles residents

Michigan has launched a comprehensive response to rising bird flu cases across the state, leaving many of its dairy farmers fearful of the impacts on their businesses. Increasingly strict regulations have blanketed some of the state’s small towns as it attempts to contain cases in cattle and humans that have spiked in recent months, according […]

Republicans Must Adopt ‘Eye for an Eye’ Strategy in Response to Lawfare

DETROIT, Mich. — Conservative journalist and political commentator Jack Posobiec and author Joshua Lysek told Breitbart News at Turning Point Action’s “People’s Convention” that Republicans must adopt an “eye for an eye” strategy in response to the legal war being waged against them. Asked how the political right should get justice for its legal war […]

Hamas Says It Is Waiting For Israel’s Response On Gaza Ceasefire Proposal

More than 38,000 Palestinians killed in Israeli military onslaught (File) Gaza: Two senior Palestinian Authority Hamas officials said on Sunday the group was awaiting Israel’s response to its ceasefire proposal, five days after it approved key parts of a U.S. plan to end the nine-month conflict in Gaza. “We have left the matter to the […]

Oakland Man Whose Shop Was Robbed Points to Slow Police Response

A gas station owner in Democrat-governed Oakland, California, is working to recover after his store was attacked by a mob early Friday. The incident happened at 76 Gas Station & Mini Market on Hegenberger Street around 4 a.m. when a large group of people were inside. Plundered KTVU reported that the store was damaged. The […]