EPA tightens emissions restrictions on power plants, factories by imposing 50% smog reduction rule that it claims will save ‘thousands of lives’

The Environmental Protection Agency has a new “Good Neighbor PlanWednesday rule Tightening emission regulations At power plants and other industrial facilities, primarily in the Midwest. The stringent measure applies to 23 states and requires factories to reduce “smog-forming nitrogen oxide pollution.” The EPA argued that the limit would reduce upwind emissions that contribute to downwind […]

Mandatory water restrictions lifted for 7 million in Southern California following winter storms

A series of atmospheric rivers flooded California with rain, bringing respite to nearly 7 million people in Southern California. Restrictions on water use were lifted after rain belts eased drought conditions. Southern California’s Metropolitan Water District announced on wednesday It said it was lifting emergency water restrictions for dozens of communities after imposing such restrictions […]

LA County eases COVID vaccine, testing restrictions as emergency declarations end

The Los Angeles County Pandemic Health Order is being phased out in line with state regulations. At a news conference on Friday, county public health director Barbara Feller told reporters that COVID-19 metrics are stable and the department remains optimistic as the county moves into a new pandemic phase. It said it will provide protection […]

Sam-Bankman Fried faces revoked bail as judge wonders about communication restrictions

Check out what’s being clicked on FoxBusiness.com U.S. District Court Judge Louis Kaplan Friday feared Sam Bankman-Fried’s restrictive communications were enough, FTX founder had bail revoked, pending trial now set again questioned whether he could be sent back to prison while in prison. for autumn. Kaplan raised concerns about Bankman-Fried’s limited communication regarding bail conditions […]

Biden, “lift your [COVID] restrictions and let [Djokovic] compete.”

(Photo by KARIM SAHIB/AFP via Getty Images) OAN Deven BerryhillUpdated 6:00 PM PT – Thursday, March 9, 2023 Press Secretary Carine Jean-Pierre appeared to dodge questions during a White House press conference on Wednesday when asked if President Biden would allow Novak Djokovic to play in the Miami Open. . On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron […]

Top health official asked when to ‘deploy the new variant’ to force compliance with pandemic restrictions, leaked messages show

Explosive text messages published on Sunday show that senior British officials conspired to “terrorize everyone” about a variant of COVID-19 to force compliance with pandemic restrictions. Within a week before the UK government Plans to ease restrictions for Christmas 2020 withdrawnMatt Hancock, then UK Health Secretary, asked his aide when he would “deploy a new […]

FTX collapse: Bankman-Fried may get flip phone under tougher restrictions

Sarah Kunst, Managing Director of Cleo Capital, provides insights on investing in cryptocurrencies in “Making Money.” FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried allowed to have flip phone for calls and texts only under proposal submitted to judge to determine bail terms for former crypto giant There is a possibility that Bankman-Fried faces a minimum of life in […]