Hassan Diarra, Mouhamed Dioubate reunite in March Madness showdown 

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Hassan Diala affectionately called Muhamed Diubateh his brother. When asked about their bond, Diubaté smiled and described Diarra as someone he had admired for many years. On Saturday night, our friends from Queens will meet on college basketball’s biggest stage, as No. 1 Connecticut State takes on No. 4 seed Alabama at […]

4 High School Friends Reunite When They End Up at Same Retirement Home

Four former high school friends reunite in the most unexpected way after years apart. They ended up living in the same nursing home! Life is all about relationships. No one was made to experience life alone. We all need connection with other humans. Even the most isolated and antisocial people want someone who understands and […]

Lobbying World: Crapo alums reunite as Quickel joins Hollier & Associates

mike quikelformer policy director and longtime tax and budget policy advisor to Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho). I participated Hollier & Associates As a partner. The move reunites Mr. Quickle with Will Hollier, Mr. Crapo’s former chief of staff and founder of a lobbying firm. ed hill I am joining Forbes Tate Partners As a partner […]

World’s Tallest Man And Shortest Woman Reunite After 6 Years In US, See Pics

They both have a height difference of over 6 feet. The world’s tallest and shortest people reunited in California for the first time in six years and had breakfast together, according to a report. Independent. Sultan Kosen from Turkey and Jyoti Amge from India share a height difference of more than 6 feet. The two […]

King’s Cancer Diagnosis Could Reunite Royal Family, Says Prince Harry

AFP – Prince Harry has hinted that King Charles’ illness could help reunite the British royal family, telling how he immediately “jumped on a plane” to London after his father was diagnosed with cancer. Ta. In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America show on Friday, the prince made his first public comments about the […]

Tears of Joy as Freed Israeli Hostages Reunite with Families

After four months of captivity and a daring overnight rescue operation by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), freed Israeli hostages Fernando Shimon Merman, 61, and Louis Herr, 70, are reunited with their families. When they reunited, there were tears of joy and a tight hug. As Breitbart News reported, the IDF entered Rafah in the […]

Twins, 90, reunite for the first time in 81 years

Twins who were separated for 81 years reunited in a heartwarming moment and said it felt like they were meeting for the first time. Maurilia Chavez and Andrea Lopez, 90, got back together in December after DNA tests revealed they were connected. “Eighty-one years is so long that it felt like I was meeting her […]