Revolt Brewing Inside NYT As Top Editor Calls Out Thin-Skinned Reporters

Staffers at The New York Times drafted a letter to executive editor Joe Kahn over his allegedly “dismissive” remarks to young reporters, Semafor reported. Kahn said in recent interviews that young journalists are not “fully prepared for what we are asking our people to do, which is to commit themselves to the idea of independent […]

Biden Backs Internal Revolt in Netanyahu Government over Postwar Gaza

President Joe Biden is backing a revolt within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government over the fate of the post-war Gaza Strip, after Defense Minister Yoav Gallant vowed to oppose long-term Israeli rule. In an unexpected televised speech, Gallant said he opposed Israeli military or civilian rule in post-Hamas Gaza and wanted it to be ruled […]

The Revolt Of The Kids

Angry young extremists are not going away or calming down. They are growing up. An announcement for those with their heads still in the sand: there’s something up with the youths these days. They might be more fragile and less cool than the James Dean version of Hollywood legend, but they’re rebels with a cause. The […]

Johnson works to turn down House temperature as rebels weigh revolt

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is moving to cool House tensions as a band of hard-line Republicans weigh whether to set in motion an attempt at his ouster. Conservatives are livid with Johnson over a series of bills he put on the floor, most recently foreign aid for Ukraine that a majority of Republicans opposed. Rep. […]

Ex-Macron Advisor Warns of Revolt in France over Green Agenda

A former adviser to President Emmanuel Macron has said that if France continues on the same path with environmental policy, the country could face a “social uprising” far greater than the yellow vest movement or recent peasant protests. I warned you it was expensive. “It’s going to end very badly,” David Jayes warned in an […]

UK PM Rishi Sunak Could Face Revolt From Own Party Over New Law: Report

Rishi Sunak faces a potential revolt from within his own party over new legislation. (File) London: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is facing a potential revolt from within his own party over new legislation that would criminalize homelessness and give police powers to crack down on people sleeping on the country’s streets. The Times reported […]