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Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator II’ Trailer Drops, Exploding The Internet

The official trailer for “Gladiator II” dropped Tuesday, and it nearly broke the Internet. Not really, but it does look like we’ve got one heck of a movie in store for us. Then again, wouldn’t almost anything starring Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal and Denzel Washington, featuring big fights and attitude and historical contexts do well? […]

Michael Ridley on the media’s perverted version of ‘normal’

Comedian Michael Ridley says the entertainment industry’s version of normalcy is one that prioritizes sex and takes advantage of short attention spans. The stand-up comic is currently far from the state of Virginia where he grew up, and after being able to escape the COVID-19 lockdown, he headed to Texas to make his mark in […]

Sauce Gardner calls for Jets to sign Calvin Ridley, Tee Higgins

It turns out Aaron Rodgers isn't the only Jet player willing to share his ideas on which players general manager Joe Douglas should target to shore up his roster. Two-time All-Pro cornerback Sauce Gardner borrows from his friend Rodgers' strategy and would like to see the Jets upgrade their receiver corps in free agency. In […]

Ridley Scott warns AI will be ‘technical hydrogen bomb’ in film industry

Ridley Scott, director of science fiction classics such as “Alien” and “Blade Runner,” fears that AI technology will run out of control with society. In an interview with Rolling Stone to promote his film Napoleon, director Scott was asked if he was worried about artificial intelligence, and his answer was a resounding “yes.” “We have […]

Jaguars’ Calvin Ridley a live option

Commercial Content 21+ Then, Set up your fantasy football You need to remember your weekly lineup. Just because a player struggled last week or the week before, you can’t bench him forever, or worse, consider taking him off. Football is a competitive game. Receiver: One week he catches one pass for 6 yards, the next […]

How Trevor Lawrence and Calvin Ridley delivered the play of the game for Jaguars

In the fourth quarter of Sunday’s away game, buffalo billswith Trevor Lawrence jacksonville jaguars It was third down and a big play was needed. The Bills scored a touchdown of their own to cut Jacksonville’s lead to 18-13, and the crowd was on hand as the Jaguars faced third-and-four points. tottenham hotspur The stadium was […]

Stevan Ridley posts video of race that put Kevin Hart in wheelchair

Signs that Kevin Hart may have been injured appeared near the end of the second video. In the opening three clips posted to Instagram by Stephen Ridley on Friday, the former NFL running back scored a comfortable first 40-yard spring. But the next footage ends with the comedian seemingly grimacing as Ridley pulls away near […]