Desperate Biden must debate to win — but there are risks 

Kudos to Team Biden for landing the first punch in a free presidential election (aka campaigning). By challenging Donald Trump to a debate and dictating the terms of the match, President Biden left his opponent with two impossible choices. He can either turn down the opportunity to confront Biden on national television and be branded […]

Why Biden did the debate throwdown, Trump agreed, and the risks for each side

Candidates debate when they have to debate. That’s why Donald Trump didn’t participate in the primaries. That’s why Joe Biden surprised everyone yesterday by agreeing to two debates, even as he battles terrible poll numbers. And why did President Trump’s request for a side-by-side comparison — which even came up as a debate on my […]

Pausing Weapons to Israel Risks Israel’s Ability to Deter Iran, Their Proxies

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Outfront,” Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.), the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, said Israel could use large-scale weapons at Rafah even without new U.S. weapons. He said it could launch attacks, but the question is whether Israel can “adequately deter all the different attacks.” “It’s a much more […]

US, Chinese officials to meet to discuss AI risks

U.S. and Chinese officials are scheduled to meet in Geneva on Tuesday to discuss risks related to advanced artificial intelligence (AI), senior administration officials said. The bilateral talks will be an “exchange of views on the technical risks of AI” and will provide “an opportunity to directly communicate our respective areas of concern,” officials told […]

Charlotte killings highlight the risks police face when serving warrants

For society to function, arrest warrants must be served on criminal suspects. However, there is no guarantee of the safety of the police officer who knocks on the door. Monday’s killing of four law enforcement officers while executing arrest warrants in North Carolina underscored the serious risks. The attack in Charlotte left four other officers […]