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Mexican police say 5 dead in Santeria ‘power’ ritual

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Baltimore Orioles rookie explains on-field ritual

Jackson Holiday, a second-generation Major League Baseball player, explained his faith and on-field traditions that fans noticed upon his debut. Holliday is the son of World Series champion Matt Holliday, who retired just six years before his son’s first game with the Baltimore Orioles. Shortly after the game started, reporters noticed that the 20-year-old may […]

Prosecutors in Delphi murders case call pagan cult ritual narrative ‘colorful, dramatic’ and ‘unprofessional’

Several new court filings from Delphi murder prosecutors say the latest arguments from Richard Allen’s defense team are “fanciful,” “colorful, dramatic, and highly unprofessional.” ” is stated. The complaint from Carroll County Prosecutor Nicholas McClelland states that Allen’s attorneys, Andrew Baldwin and Bradley Rozzi, have accused victims Liberty “Libby” German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13. […]