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Stefon Diggs roasted after falling off pilates machine mid-workout

Stefon Diggs learned the hard way that Pilates is much more than just stretching. The new Texans wide receiver was photographed falling off a Pilates machine while working out with free agent running back Leonard Fournette, but fellow Houston pass-catching buddy Tank Dell had a lot of fun with the video clip. “Dude, stick your […]

Joy Reid ROASTED for finally dumping her ‘Trump haircut’

Fearless’ Jason Whitlock recently made an interesting observation about Joy Reid, and it seems the MSNBC anchor has noticed. Whitlock pointed out that while Reid and Jemele Hill constantly criticize white women, most recently WNBA star Kaitlyn Clark, they also seem to put in a lot of effort to look like white women. While Hill […]

Mets fan roasted for throwing back Francisco Alvarez home run

A man in the outfield stands at Wrigley Field may be facing charges for impersonating a Mets fan. SNY aired a video clip Saturday of an unidentified man wearing a hat and shirt with the Mets logo celebrating after catching the ball following a home run hit by catcher Francisco Alvarez in the fifth inning. […]

Chuck Schumer Roasted for Placing Cheese on Raw Cheeseburger

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) drew backlash on social media after he shared a photo of himself grilling burgers and pointed out that he was putting cheese on a raw burger. In a now-deleted post by X, Schumer wrote: share A photo of himself cooking burgers and hot dogs for his “daughter and her wife” in […]

Lizzo Reacts to Being Roasted in Obesity-Themed ‘South Park’ Episode

Pop star Lizzo recently South Park The episode lampooned her body positive message and persona. Lizzo shared her response in a TikTok video in which she filmed herself watching a clip from a South Park episode that simultaneously pokes fun at American obesity culture, American drug culture, and American body positivity culture. In the episode, […]

Ilhan Omar Roasted After Completely Misunderstanding Memorial Day

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar drew backlash on Twitter on Monday after confusing holiday customs in a tweet about Memorial Day. “upon [Memorial Day]”We honor the heroic men and women who served our country. We owe them more than a thank you — they are well entitled to quality mental health services, employment opportunities, housing […]