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The FDA Has Gone Rogue

Estimated Reading Time: 12 minutes Many of us knew this day would come, and now here it is. As of Monday, September 11, 2023, the FDA has provided “Emergency Use Authorization” for the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine boosters. But there is no public health emergency at this time. And the “boosters” being “Emergency Use Authorized” are […]

Cybertruck Goes Rogue, Smashes Into Home Hours After Purchase

Just hours after the purchase, a video showed the Cybertruck going out of control and crashing into a neighbor’s house, according to the New York Post. The excitement of a new Cybertruck owner was suddenly dashed just four hours after purchasing the vehicle when it crashed into a neighbor’s house. The incident was shared on […]

Rogue bureaucrats are the true threat to our democracy

Has the Left Forgotten What Democracy Means? Recent Associated Press article The article, headlined “Conservative-backed group compiles list of federal employees suspected of resisting Trump’s plan,” described a project by the American Accountability Foundation to identify and compile a list of corrupt bureaucrats at the Department of Homeland Security. Of course, this doesn’t sit well […]

Influencer’s AI clone of herself goes rogue, becomes sex-crazed maniac

A social media influencer who created an artificially intelligent clone of herself and was making $70,000 a week selling access to a “virtual boyfriend” soon found herself watching her digital alter-ego get out of control. The strange story of Carin Marjorie is revealed once again The dangers of rapid adoption of advanced AI technologyThis could […]

Ocasio-Cortez Frets ‘Rogue’ SCOTUS Will Lead to Authoritarianism, Tyranny

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York, said on MSNBC’s “All In” on Tuesday that the U.S. Supreme Court’s failure to impose penalties for any ethics violations has led to “authoritarianism, tyranny and abuse of power in America.” “Justice Alito’s position on this is laughable, the idea that he can be held accountable, that the court shouldn’t […]

Rogue Puppet Challenges Students To Snuggle Joe Biden For World Peace

A peculiar blue puppet named Edgar has recently been spotted on the George Washington University campus, and he had one very strange question for students: “Would you snuggle Joe Biden for world peace?” Check out the hilarious interviews below in the world premiere of the Daily Caller’s “Ask America with Edgar.” Some students were enthusiastic […]

WEF Is Partnered with 47 CCP-Controlled Entities (Rogue Review)

The World Economic Forum, which plans a world where you “own nothing, have no privacy” and enjoy it, is officially partnered with at least 47 Chinese entities, with five of those officially owned by the CCP and at least three others directly tied to the CCP. Since all companies in China are directly answerable to […]

Netanyahu takes aim at ‘rogue’ ICC prosecutor after request for arrest warrants

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday slammed the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s decision earlier this week to seek arrest warrants for senior Israeli and Hamas officials. Karim Khan, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, announced that he was seeking arrest warrants for Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and senior […]