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Will a Chinese doping scandal ruin the Olympics?

With just weeks to go until the Paris Olympics, Chinese swimmers have become embroiled in the latest state-sponsored doping scandal. of scheme From East German steroids 50 years ago to the recent mass falsification of urine tests in Russia, things may change, but CorrosiveThe demoralizing effect on clean athletes will never change: after years of […]

Don’t Let Durbin and Marshall Ruin Your Summer Vacation

The following content is Electronic Payments Union. Summer is just around the corner, and many Americans are making vacation plans, booking travel accommodations, buying concert tickets, etc. This season brings a lot of fun, but it also comes with expenses. To offset the costs of these activities, many consumers turn to credit card rewards and […]

Don’t let the left ruin Juneteenth’s true meaning

On Wednesday, the US will celebrate Juneteenth for the fourth time as a federal holiday. But the holiday, which was born out of bipartisanship, has become more divisive over the years. Leftists have used Juneteenth to promote radical racial policies, such as reparations, and have excluded most Americans from the holiday. As a result, many […]

U.S. Tariffs on China Help Rescue American Textile Companies from Ruin

The tariffs that the U.S. imposed on Chinese imports helped rescue a stranded textile industry in the U.S. that had been devastated by decades of free trade, along with mass layoffs of domestic textile workers. Joseph Ferrara, CEO of Ferrara Manufacturing, said tariffs on Chinese imports have helped revive his New York City, N.Y.-based manufacturing […]

Sleepy town thrust into chaos as out-of-control chickens ruin families’ everyday lives

What this? Flocks of unruly wild chickens are reportedly wreaking havoc on close-knit villages in the UK, upending the quiet community’s way of life as well as attracting tourists which exacerbate the problem. According to The Guardian, residents of the village of Snettisham in Norfolk, England, say their lives have become “hell” since chickens swarmed […]

Liberal Portland Voters Throw Out ‘Radical’ Prosecutor Who Helped Ruin Their City

Portland District Attorney Mike Schmidt lost his bid on Tuesday for reelection to prosecutor Nathan Vasquez after only serving one term. Schmidt, the Soros-linked incumbent, won in 2020 in a landslide in which he received over 75% of the vote in heavily-Democratic Portland. Election results show Vasquez winning over Schmidt with 54% of the vote in the […]

From ruin to recovery: Can America survive Argentina-style austerity?

In case you haven’t been paying attention, America’s fiscal situation is in deep crisis on too many fronts. It starts with our national debt, which approaches $35 trillion and is growing at an alarming pace, driven by a deficit that is twice the historical average as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP). America’s fiscal […]

76ers’ Tyrese Maxey pours in 46 to ruin Knicks’ chance to clinch series

Highlights from the Knicks’ 112-106 overtime loss to the 76ers in Game 5 at The Garden on Tuesday night: Hero Tyrese Maxey scored 46 points, including a crucial 3-pointer in overtime and two late free throws, and added nine assists in 52 minutes as the Sixers stayed alive with an overtime win at the Garden. […]

Iran ‘Engineered a War in Gaza’ to Ruin Saudi-Israel Relationship

Israel’s public broadcasting company, colloquially known as “Kan”. was interviewed An unnamed Saudi royal official said Sunday that Iran “orchestrated the war in Gaza to destroy the progress in relations” between Saudi Arabia and Israel. “Iran’s actions are irresponsible. We all know that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and it should have been […]