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George RR Martin slams Hollywood for ruining classics

Renowned author George R.R. Martin has expressed disappointment that Hollywood writers and producers have ruined the legacy of great stories. In a post on his website, the “Game of Thrones” author shared his thoughts on the flurry of remakes and reinterpretations being churned out by Hollywood studios. After recalling his past comments about his obligation […]

Snapchat walks back friend-ranking feature blamed for ruining relationships

Snapchat has demoted a controversial feature that ranked friends based on their relationships with users over concerns that it was stirring up anxiety among teenage viewers. The social media site announced that it will disable the default setting that automatically enables the “Solar System” feature on its $4-a-month subscription service, Snapchat+. This tool is a […]

Jaromir Jagr bobblehead shipment stolen, ruining Penguins giveaway

It’s a dark day in Pittsburgh. The Penguins announced Thursday morning that a shipment of Jaromir Jagr bobbleheads was stolen in California, ruining the team’s promotional merchandise for the game against the Sharks. “We are shocked to have been the victim of cargo theft and are working closely with local and federal authorities to investigate,” […]

‘Culture of Fear:’ Google Insiders Share Stories of Woke DEI Insanity Ruining Company

Google, once an innovation giant, is now facing an existential crisis as a result of misplaced priorities, a lack of leadership and a pervasive culture of fear from an HR department obsessed with DEI, insiders say. PirateWires Editor-in-Chief Mike Solana report The recent failure of Google’s highly anticipated Gemini AI project has revealed deeper systemic […]

Tony Romo accused of ‘ruining’ dramatic end to Super Bowl 2024

Tony Romo almost succeeded. CBS announcers, who are often criticized for getting too excited, appeared to succumb to temptation Sunday during the 2024 Super Bowl finale. After Patrick Mahomes scores the Chiefs’ game-winning touchdown over Mecole Hardman in overtime, CBS play-by-play man Jim Nantz adds the perfect accent to the Las Vegas drama on “Jackpot, […]