‘New Approaches, New Strategies Needed’: Ukraine Sacks Top General

General Valery Zarzhiny has been removed as head of Ukraine’s military, a major change in the weeks leading up to the second anniversary of Russia’s re-invasion, and comments by leaders about the need for change imply failure. appears to be acknowledging that. Ukrainian dignitaries were filled with gratitude for the accomplishments of General Valery Zarzhiny, […]

UN Agency Sacks Staff Over Alleged Role In October 7 Israel Attacks

On October 7, a surprise attack by Hamas on Israeli territory left more than 1,000 people dead. Jerusalem: The United Nations' Palestinian refugee agency said Friday it had fired several staff members whom Israel accused of involvement in Hamas's Oct. 7 attack, and the United States withdrew critical funding. The agency's head, Philippe Lazzarini, vowed […]

New Polish Globalist Govt Shuts Down TV Channel, Sacks Media Bosses

The head of Poland's National Broadcasting Council has criticized communist-era practices as Eurocrat globalist Donald Tusk returns to power and immediately begins a purge of the country's media. Donald Tusk, the two-time prime minister of Poland and a Eurocrat in Brussels, has taken steps to dismantle media organizations that some see as holding views contrary […]

Tommy DeVito taunted by Saints players with hand gesture after sacks

Tommy cutlets are not popular in New Orleans. Giants rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito was repeatedly mocked Sunday during the first half of the Giants-Saints game after two New Orleans players sarcastically waved “Tommy Cutlets” after the QB was sacked. Ta. First, defensive end Thanoh Kpassagnon was called into action after bringing down DeVito in the […]

Saints defensive linemen mock Giants’ Tommy DeVito after sacks

New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito may be the most talked about player in the NFL in Week 15 of the 2023 season, but with that comes a bigger target on his back than what a typical third-stringer gets. is approaching. He started the hard lesson Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. DeVito faced the […]

Australia Sacks Powerful Officer Michael Pezzullo Over Leaked WhatsApp Messages

The allegations against Michael Pezzullo included failure to act in a political manner. Sydney: The Australian government on Monday fired a prominent civil servant known as an immigration hardliner following an investigation into WhatsApp messages he allegedly sent to influence senior politicians. Michael Pezzullo was sacked as head of the Home Office after a two-month […]

Sam Altman Sacks OpenAI Board That Fired Him. The Sole Survivor Is…

Adam DeAngelo is the only survivor of the new Sam Altman administration’s boardroom. San Francisco, USA: Sam Altman made a surprise return as OpenAI’s chief executive officer late Tuesday, days after being fired, ending a tumultuous period that highlighted deep tensions at the heart of the artificial intelligence community. The board that removed Mr. Altman […]

In Rare Move, Pope Sacks US Bishop Who Was His Fierce Critic

Joseph Strickland was asked to resign on Thursday. Vatican City: Pope Francis on Saturday fired Joseph Strickland, a prominent conservative U.S. bishop who has repeatedly criticized the papacy, citing concerns about clerical leadership and governance. The Vatican has not provided an explanation for the move. The dismissal is unusual in the Catholic Church, where problematic […]

Pope Francis sacks critic Bishop John Strickland

pope francis Prominent conservative commentator fired Bishop John Strickland of Tyler, Texas, spoke Saturday following an investigation into the firebrand diocese earlier this year. The Vatican has not explained the reason for Strickland’s dismissal. The move was considered unusual, as controversial bishops in the Catholic Church are usually asked or forced to resign instead of […]

Steelers’ TJ Watt sacks rookie Will Levis despite having helmet ripped off

pittsburgh steelers Star linebacker TJ Watt continues to prove that he is one of the most consistent players on the field. Thursday night, during a narrowly won game. tennessee titansHe also proved his mettle when he recorded his 87th career sack without wearing a helmet. TJ Watt, No. 90, of the Pittsburgh Steelers makes a […]


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