New Orleans hat salesman, 99, honored by French president for WWII service

The 99-year-old New Orleans businessman, best known in the city as the owner of his family’s landmark hat store on St. Charles Street, was honored Tuesday by the French president for his military service during World War II. Awarded. Samuel Meyer, who still works several days a week at Meyer the Hatter, a business his […]

‘California Forever’ utopian city CEO compared to ‘snake oil salesman’

The wily executive leading a Silicon Valley-backed plan to build a utopian city on California farmland was called “snake oil” by angry locals during a heated City Hall meeting about the controversial project. He is said to have been likened to a “salesman''. Jan Slamek, the 36-year-old president of California Forever and its subsidiary Flannery […]

Aaron Rodgers has a new job — Jets ticket salesman

The Jets may have missed 21 days of practice for Aaron Rodgers, but the future Hall of Famer may have found a backup plan in the ticket sales department to help his new team if he can’t play this year. . The Jets released a video Thursday of Rodgers having a funny phone conversation with […]

Tennessee woman shoots salesman she thought was gang hitman

A former Tennessee sheriff claims he shot and killed a door-to-door salesman believing he was a hitman ordered by a gang. Monica Johnson Markwerk, 51, of Cordoba, told police she had been in contact with her son, who is serving a 20-year sentence for child rape, and that she believed a local gang had attacked […]