Accused hit-and-run pediatrician confessed to me: Good Samaritan nurse

A prominent pediatrician accused of mowing down a father and his 6-year-old daughter confessed to a good Samaritan nurse before leaving the scene of the accident, the nurse told the Post. Police say Dr. Sam Luuzzi, 66, was riding on the shoulders of Guy Seth, 51, and his father at busy Arthur Kill and Drumgoole […]

Ordinary Angels Is an Uplifting Retelling of the Good Samaritan

A heartwarming new movie from the producer of jesus revolution and i can only imagine The creator of this work says, “This work is similar to the fable of the Good Samaritan and encourages viewers to reach out to those in need.” film, ordinary angel (PG) was released in theaters on February 23rd and is […]

Good Samaritan Saves Newborn Abandoned in Trash Can in Hawaii

A bystander saved the life of a newborn baby girl who was seen being dumped in a trash can after her mother gave birth in Honolulu, Hawaii, authorities said. Honolulu police open child abandonment case after Kahala resident rescues baby girl from trash can, Hawaii News Now report on monday. Authorities said the man heard […]

Top good samaritan moments of 2023

Has rising crime rates across the country shaken your faith in humanity? These daring rescues and fleeting rescues caught on camera prove that despite the constant barrage of gruesome headlines, there is no shortage of human kindness. Here are some of the most heroic acts of the year. It shows how a good Samaritan braves […]

Good Samaritan drags wounded Houston police officer to safety during firefight

A good Samaritan who “has had some trouble with law enforcement in the past” dragged a Texas police officer to safety after he was shot in the leg and injured in a shootout with a carjacker Saturday morning. John Lally sprung into action around 10 a.m. when a gunfight broke out after an unidentified 19-year-old […]


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