‘Schism’ – German Catholic Bishops Vote To Bless Same-Sex Unions

Germany’s Catholic bishops have voted to bless same-sex marriage as part of the German Synod, due to be introduced in March 2026. The Synod Assembly on Catholic Church Reform held a vote in Frankfurt, Germany on Friday to bless same-sex couples, with 176 of the 202 MPs in attendance, including two-thirds of the bishops, voting […]

Texas GOP votes to censure Rep. Tony Gonzales over support on gun, same-sex legislation

Texas Republicans voted on Saturday to condemn Rep. Tony Gonzalez (Republican-Texas). In a 57-to-5 vote within the Texas Republican Executive Committee, the state party blamed Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives. Only one member abstained. Texas Republicans cited his support for the Marriage Respect Act signed late last year in a state party resolution […]

Same-Sex Marriages to Receive Blessings in the Church of England

Same-sex marriage will receive a “Prayer for God’s Blessings” for the first time in the Church of England after a vote in the General Assembly, the legislative body of the established Church of England. On Thursday, the Synod’s three chambers voted in favor of officially recognizing gay marriage for the first time, and priests were […]