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Ben Sasse criticizes other universities for ‘bizarrely’ giving attention to ‘smallest, angriest group’ amid protests

University of Florida president Ben Sasse criticized other universities for giving attention to the “smallest, angriest group” of protesters as various anti-Israel protests continue to occur on campuses across the country. Sasse, a former Republican senator representing Nebraska, said on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that under his leadership in Gainesville, Florida, the school has […]

Florida student paper calls out Sasse silence: ‘We’ve all been ghosted’

The Alligator, the University of Florida’s more than 100-year-old student-run newspaper, has repeatedly sought comment and interviews with the school’s new president, former Senator Ben Sasse (Republican, Nebraska). accused of ignoring it. He states, “You haven’t even given us the courtesy of declining.” “Whatever the president’s agenda is, if he doesn’t talk to us, we […]