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SpaceX Falcon 9 suffers malfunction, imperiling Starlink satellite mission

The second-stage engine of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket failed in space on Thursday night, putting the Starlink satellites on board at risk, the first malfunction in more than seven years for a rocket the global space industry relies on. About an hour after the Falcon 9 lifted off from Vandenberg Space Center in California […]

Satellite Photos Show Iran Expanding Missile Production: Report

The imagery shows that many of the structures are surrounded by large earthen banks. Washington/Dubai: Recent satellite images have shown major expansions at two of Iran’s main ballistic missile facilities, a move that two American researchers have assessed is intended to ramp up missile production, a conclusion confirmed by three senior Iranian officials. The base […]

Europe Satellite Operator Cancels Ariane 6 Plans, To Go With SpaceX: Report

The MTG-S1 satellite was scheduled to be launched by the Ariane 6 rocket’s third launch. (Image) Paris: A European weather satellite operator has scrapped plans to use the European rocket Ariane 6 with less than two weeks to go before its maiden launch, opting instead to partner with the US company SpaceX, French daily Le […]

Space Station Astronauts Forced To Shelter After Russian Satellite Breaks Up

Large-scale debris-generating events in orbit are rare but are of growing concern. (Image) Washington: The US space agency said a Russian satellite broke into more than 100 pieces in orbit, forcing astronauts on the International Space Station to evacuate. There were no immediate details released about the cause of the debris from the Russian RESURS-P1 […]

French-Chinese Satellite, Aimed To Seek Out Gamma-Ray Bursts, Launched

The 930-kilogram (2,050-pound) satellite was launched “successfully” around 3 p.m. (image) Xichang, China: A joint French-Chinese satellite was launched on Saturday to search for the most powerful explosions in space, a striking example of cooperation between Western and Asian powers. The Space Variable Object Monitor (SVOM), developed by engineers from both countries, is equipped with […]

Pakistan Launches Multi-Mission Communication Satellite From China

The satellite entered the planned orbit. Islamabad/Beijing: Pakistan on Thursday launched a multi-purpose communications satellite to boost speeds of internet connectivity with the help of all-weather ally China, making it Islamabad’s second satellite to be put into orbit within a month. The multi-purpose communications satellite, also known as PAKSAT MM1, was launched from the Xichang […]

North Korea flies balloons carrying garbage over South Korea following failed satellite launch

North Korea has launched hundreds of balloons loaded with garbage towards South Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has urged military scientists to get over the failed satellite launch and continue developing space reconnaissance capabilities, saying they are crucial to countering U.S. and South Korean military activity. Kim also warned of unspecified “severe” measures […]

Why North Korea’s Satellite Launch Exploded In Fireball Minutes After Taking Off

Pyongyang, North Korea: North Korea’s latest satellite launch exploded into a fireball and fell into the Yellow Sea just minutes after liftoff, but analysts said the attempt marked another advance in the nuclear-armed nation’s space race. North Korea said its latest attempt to launch a military reconnaissance satellite failed on Monday during the first flight […]