NY Community Bancorp paying highest savings rate in the US

New York Community Bancorp’s online arm offers higher savings account interest rates than other U.S. banks, despite a bailout by an investor group led by former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Officials reported that this could be a sign of distress. report. The local bank’s digital arm, called My Banking Direct, is the best savings account […]

A top goal of Americans is to buy a new car, build emergency savings: study

In the Edelman Financial Engines survey, approximately 22% of respondents cited a goal of buying a car in 2024. (iStock) Americans are itching to buy a new car this year after a particularly difficult few years that saw prices hit record highs.Approximately 22% of respondents Edelman Financial Engine Research He said he aims to buy […]

GINN: NAIC’s New Regulatory Proposal Threatens Your Retirement Savings

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) recent regulatory proposals have concerned stakeholders across the U.S. insurance landscape. At the heart of the controversy are proposed changes that could fundamentally alter how life insurance companies invest in financial instruments, with far-reaching consequences for the broader economy and, more specifically, the retirement security of millions of […]

Americans tap into savings as they struggle with inflation: survey

Americans struggle to meet their basic spending needs and are therefore unable to save. (iStock) Recent surveys show Americans are borrowing from savings or using other means to make ends meet under inflationary pressures. More than a quarter (26.1%) of Americans need to withdraw money from their savings, including retirement accounts, or sell assets to […]

Stock up your savings now if you want to enjoy retirement

Yes, Larry Fink really went for it when he began sending a wake-up call to environmental social governance as the savior of humanity. But this column has always sought to put his career into the context it deserves. Mr. Fink is one of the most savvy financiers on the planet, and it’s worth paying attention […]

Buying a home using retirement savings? Financial expert weighs in

Mitch Rochell, managing director at Madison Ventures Plus, argues that if Varney & Co. has a supply-side problem, anything that drives demand for housing is unwise. Nearly 1 in 10 American homeowners say they have withdrawn money from their retirement savings to cover the down payment and closing costs associated with a home purchase. A […]

Use these five expert strategies to build your emergency savings fund

Former Gartman Letter editor Dennis Gartman and John Wronsky of the Wronsky Group talk about Reddit’s stock debut and the Fed’s expected rate cut. Having an emergency fund should be a top priority for Americans to cover unexpected and emergency expenses. Experts recommend that you should save up several months’ worth of living expenses in […]

Family man loses his life savings after sophisticated email scam

The paper says a 60-year-old Australian man who was looking forward to a comfortable retirement is now struggling to make ends meet after falling victim to a brutal scam. new york post. Throughout his career, Renato Calalan has worked hard, held different types of jobs, and saved as much as he could for a relaxed […]


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